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Sometimes I feel alone.  Silly, right?  In this big, busy world?  But, for whatever reason I do, at times, feel disconnected.  Or I get caught in the illusion that life is mundane and dreary.  My vision is obscured and I need something outside myself to bring me back; back to the magic of being alive, back to knowing that the magic is in all of us, crackling like electricity between all of us.

What is more magical than art?  Birthed of creativity, aesthetic expression–whether it be classic forms or trending, unique, never-before-seen genres of artistry–speaks straight to my heart and soul. Endless potential exists where technology and imagination collide, and in this information age, the internet gives broad access to that art; humans around the globe can reach out and connect.*  Strangers touching strangers!  It’s astounding, it’s mind-blowing, it’s power-ful.

I’ve put together a page called Inspiration, a random collection of things that have touched me, made me laugh out loud or had me crying in my cornflakes.  Things I’ve found unbearable; things I’ve found unbearably beautiful; things that bring me back to the magic.

Next time you’re feeling alone or maybe just empty, trolling Facebook or Pinterest or playing Candy Crush and it’s just not doing it for you, stop by and get inspired!



*If you have anything you’d love to share, send it to me and we can spread the magic.

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