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365 grateful

I first saw a blurb about this project on January 1, 2014 and started my own that day. But a month later, my first grandson was born with a heart defect and I dropped it. This year, I’m picking it back up.

Gratitude is trendy right now, but when it is experienced fully, miraculous transformations are possible.  In early 2008, Hailey Bartholomew, a photographer and film-maker, wife and mother of two from Australia, embarked on a year-long commitment of taking one Polaroid a day, its subject something for which she felt grateful.  Though it began as a visual journal intended to fight the depression she was feeling, the impact on her life turned out to be far more significant than she could have imagined.

“The discipline of having to look for the good things that happened every day changed her life in so many ways. Hailey found not only her marriage, spiritual life and health improved, but this project accidentally, wondrously spread and affected the lives of many others.”  Check it out here.

2016 feels like a big year, for me and for a lot of people I love.  We’re on the verge of big transitions and living in a whole new way. When I saw this project, I thought, “Why NOT?  I can do this. If I start today, in one year I’ll have 366 photos (it’s LEAP year!) that not only chronicle the abundance I enjoy daily, but hone in on what’s really important, giving me a powerful collage to frame my perspective. While my photography is certainly amateur, the value is in the process and I envision my focus shifting as the days and weeks go by; seeing things in a new light, or maybe seeing things I never noticed before.  Thank you for allowing me to share it with you; yet another thing to be grateful for.

One picture a day for a whole year. The sacredness of the ordinary.  Let’s see what happens.





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